Sunday, August 17, 2014

Top 10

1. I took a Top 10 vacay last week. Ryan and I spent the weekend in Birmingham, I had a CEU course. It was great to get away, but being in class all weekend after working all week is exhausting. 

2. While in Birmingham, I got to see my beautiful and amazing friend, Drea. You know how you have those people in your life who you can pick right up with like no time has passed? That would be this girl. Thanks for the good times, Goose! 

3. Ryan recently discovered old episodes of "He-Man" on Amazon Prime. Hayes keeps calling him "I-Man." 

4. Still struggling with my addiction to sweet tea. And potato salad. Oh, and let's go ahead and add cajun roasted potatoes from Log Cabin to that addiction list. 

5. Is it weird that I want to make a hair appointment in Ohio when we go back to visit? I don't think it is. Ryan acts like it's the most insane thing he's ever heard. Boys don't understand the importance of trusting the person who does your hair...

6. So we all know snowballs are delicious, right? You know what takes that deliciousness over the top? A King Cake flavored snowball. With cream on top.

7. Homecare in Louisiana....y'all. More than once, the road I'm driving on turns to dirt. And no one has house numbers on their houses. And GPS is the most useless tool in the world. I still love it though;)

8. You know how sometimes you see something that is so crazy, you wish you could take a picture because others need to see it to believe it? But you can't take a picture because it isn't super appropriate? It happens to me way too often. 

I saw this pillow last week. Like, a throw pillow on someone's couch. It had a lovely crocheted design and in the middle was a flower. And in the middle of the flower was a baby's face. Like the face from a baby doll. And there were two sleeves coming out from the flower. Only one of them had a plastic hand. Not sure what happened to the other hand...

9. Drew's Tunes is a foundation created by an amazing family to celebrate the life of their beautiful son, Drew. I know Drew's mama, Georgia, through tons of mutual friends/sorority sisters. Georgia and her husband have turned a devastating tragedy into something beautiful and have become such an inspiration to so many people. They are doing a beautiful job honoring their baby and I encourage everyone to check out Drew's Tunes and support them however you can.

10. Pray for patience.

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