Sunday, August 3, 2014

Top 10

1. Work is picking up! I think I may need a personal assistant soon to help me keep track of my 17 different jobs. Anyone interested?

2. I don't really have 17 jobs. But it feels like it some days.

3. We've officially entered the rough-housing phase in this house. I feel like I'm living with mini WWE stars. And if I had to put my money on would probably be Keller.

4. Do y'all think sweet tea might be laced with drugs? I do.

5. We had lots of "play dates" this past week. Hayes got to hang with his buddy Luke who was born right after him. Luke kept calling Hayes "Blade." How cute is that? I didn't even want to correct him. I said we could laugh about it in 10 years when he still calls him Blade. Because they are best friends now. Hayes decided. And 3 year olds never change their mind about anything. Ever.

6. Want to know the sign of a good boss? They bring you a snowball while you are doing computer training. True story.

7. I'm traveling to Birmingham this weekend for a continuing ed course. What am I even going to do with all of that alone time?!?!

8. The official launch of the Epps sisters' blog is getting closer!!! Who's excited???

9. Earlier, Ryan was telling Hayes goodnight...
H: "Daddy, what's in your mouth?"
R: "Nothing" (opens his mouth to prove it)
H: " Daddy, I smell something. I smell chocolate."
I mean, Ryan had just finished eating some chocolate ice cream that we were hiding from Hayes...

10. Prayers for a sweet friend who lost her mom unexpectedly this weekend. I know her heart is broken and my heart breaks for her little boys who will miss their grandma.

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