Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mardi Gras and more!

This is a catch up picture post. I finally decided to upload pictures from my camera! The first few are from Christmas. I'm not too far's not February yet:)

The McCormick boys made it impossible to get a picture with all 3 looking in the same direction...

How cute is Landen? Super cute, I know. She is growing up so fast! Everytime we see her, she has fun new tricks. But...she needs to slow it down. I don't get to see her often enough for her to grow this fast.

Here are a few of the bibs I've been making. These are "droolers." I discovered them in my recent Etsy search, so I ordered one to see what all the fuss was about.

These bibs are shorter and meant for the drooling moments instead of feedings. I didn't make too many, but they are super cute!

And now...Mardi Gras madness! I had an amazing Mardi Gras baby shower this weekend. And, I remembered my camera! And, I remembered to take pictures with it! My friends did such a great job with decorations and amazing food and fun games:) Here are a few pics...

How festive is this diaper cake?! It makes a great centerpiece on our table for Mardi Gras season:)

King Cake, straight from New Orleans!

Nicole made Dirty Rice Balls...and they tasted fantastic! She had a few challenges...but I think she did a wonderful job. She used the recipe that I blogged about last year. She would like for everyone to know that she needed more than 2 eggs for the batter. Nicole would recommend 4:)

Gina invited "Piper and Hayes" to the shower. They had a lot of fun. Here they are before the "parade".....

and after the "parade." Everyone got to cast a vote with their beads for boy or girl. Boy won...

I had great help opening my gifts:)

The wonderful hostesses!

Week 35, here we come. Fluid retention is at an all time high, regardless of the drastic decrease in sodium. According to the doctor, this is normal. Unfortunate, but normal. I get so annoyed by it because it fluctuates so much. One hour, I look normal. The next...4 times my normal size. Ugh.

Ryan is finishing up the amazing laundry room renovation. Of course, I didn't take before pictures. But I will post after pictures! On the agenda for this week...a diaper shower with Ryan's co-workers! And maybe fish tacos...

Enjoy your week!

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  1. I hate that I missed the shower, looks like it was fun, and festive, for sure! I have been debating what to create for your McBaby and bibs were on the list, so seeing yours helped me narrow my list!