Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 36..."Sew" much fun:)

"Sew" much fun...nice play on words, right? Humor me if you don't think so. I finished up my bibs this weekend. The "droolers" got pearl snap closures and the bigger bibs have velcro. I have no strategic reason for this. It's just what I felt like doing. Here is a sampling of the burpies and bibs I mass produced for our baby. I love the fabrics I found for our surprise baby. Once I finished my crazed craft project, I believe the final count was 20 burpies, 4 droolers, and 6 bibs. Crazy, right? Hello, nesting...Katie style.

I adore this owl and apple fabric!

We have a new addition to our family! A beautiful, blue mixer. We received one as a wedding gift, but wanted to exchange it for a different model. I returned it, but put off replacing it for way too long. I finally decided we wouldn't be ready to be parents until we had one. Obviously. It fits perfect in the kitchen! I haven't used it yet. I'm waiting on a recipe to inspire me...

Speaking of recipes and cream cheese...King Cake! This wondefully traditional Louisiana dessert is not available in Ohio. I have heard of some being made...but I would never eat one made up here. A fellow Techster and speechster, Carolyn Rainwater, has this fantastic blog where she posts tons of fun recipes. She recently posted this super easy King Cake recipe and we tried it out tonight! It does not disappoint this southern food snob:) I plan on making it with my patients at our Mardi Gras party next week! Yes, I am having a Mardi Gras party at the assisted living facility I work at. And no, we will not make the residents flash us for beads. There is enough flashing without incentives...

So I am a terrible person, I forgot to take before pictures of the laundry room. Ryan did such an amazing job and I wish you could see the before...but here is the after! The colors match the walls and trim in wood floor room. Before, they were an awful ivory color with random stains and smudges everywere. The floor was a disgusting, greenish linoleum type material. Now...a fun tile! Ryan is currently finishing the shutter doors and then the laundry room project will be complete!

Week 36 is here! Just when I think my stomach can't stretch does. Now that we are getting down to crunch time, my body is experiencing all kinds of fun things. Ok, some are not so fun. But feeling my baby wiggle around is still just as fun as the first kick I felt:) The baby's room is almost done! We are waiting on a shelf, slipcover, and lamp. I have decided to save the wall art until baby gets here. I will take some pictures soon!

Hope everyone has a great week! Ours will probably be very snowy...and maybe a little icy. Be glad if you live in the south...


  1. Love the bibs and burpies! Next thing you know you will be mass producing sun dresses for your little lady!

  2. You did a great job with your projects!! The bibs and burp cloths look awesome! And, I'm sure the hubs won some major points with that laundry room!

    Definitely trying that king cake soon. Already bought the ingredients! Can't believe you're about to have a baby! Ahh!