Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 6...

What a day. Seriously. Today was probably the busiest day of the week for me. 11 a.m....the daycare called. "Hayes is puking and won't stop!" I asked if he had a fever and they said no, but they were really concerned with how much he was vomiting. So, I tried to tie up the really important loose ends and left to get my baby.

I get to daycare and my super sick child is bouncing in his swing with a huge grin on his face, shrieking. Really, Hayes? Really? So we come home. He takes a nice nap, I did some cleaning and laundry. He wakes up and plays while I continue to do housework. Takes another nap. No vomiting. No fever. No sickness. Did he know I was busy today? Maybe he didn't want me to stress out at work...

I had two funeral visitations to attend today. I went after Ryan came home from work and took over "Hayes duty." Two special residents in our memory care unit passed away in the last week. They were both incredible and special and loved. I will definitely miss them. Here are some quick memories about them...

"L"...sweet teeny little lady with poofy white hair like a cotton ball. She loves the OSU Buckeyes. Her walls are covered in Buckeye paraphernalia. But I loved her anyway;) Even on a bad day, you would still get a wave and a small and a small chuckle.

A...the Italian Stallion of Memory Care. He would probably laugh at me for calling him that. He had several strokes before he came to us and as a result had difficulty with speech. His speech often sounded like stuttering. Not long after he moved in, he was eating popcorn at a rapid rate while watching the news and began to choke. While choking, he managed to get out one very important question..."How's the DOW?" My response..."I have no idea what the DOW is or how to interpret it. But maybe you should stop eating popcorn for a second."

"A" and "L" will be greatly missed and I am so blessed to have spent time with both. Please pray for them and their families this week.

On my way home, I stopped by Earth Fare, a health supermarket close to my house. My intent was to buy sushi for Ry and I, but I was distracted by the mass amounts of fresh, prepared food available for purchase. After careful consideration, I ordered some Tabouli salad and live dark green salad. Talk about delicious! It was a nice change from tuna and carrots, which is what I had for lunch right before picking up my "sick" child from daycare.

Enjoy your Friday night!

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  1. I'm so sad hearing about A & L :( Their families will definitely be in our prayers...And we pretty much LIVE at Earth Fare!! Could a better place have been invented?! I think not ;) Glad Hayes is "feeling better" lol!!!