Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Top 10!

1. We had a fun weekend in Delphos with family. Scott and Kristie are almost all moved in to their new house!

2. Hayes and Ryan got me a "H" necklace for Mother's Day. I've also been told that my new stove and Lia Sophia loot were all part of my Mother's Day gift. If that is the case, I made out pretty well. Of course all I really needed was a hug from my baby and a kiss from my hubby:)

3. Hayes made a flower pot full of Hayes hand-shaped flowers for me at daycare. How precious is that?

4. SNL and Will Ferrell.....great combination.

5. Pretty sure Hayes had a major growth spurt this week. So, Mommy had to order new shoes. I couldn't resist the baby boat shoes. Who can blame me?

6. I had so much fun making our Mother's Day cards this year on Shutterfly. Who doesn't love a card with a picture of a special baby on the front?

7. You know what's awkward? People who pick through your trash before it gets picked up. Just saying.

8. I am in need of new books to read. Help!

9. I think I might try zucchini pasta this week. It could be really great, or a whole lotta work. We will see!

10. Thank God for all of the Moms and thanks for all of the incredible women in my life!


  1. 4. I fell asleep!!!
    7. OMG... I'm right there with you. Drives me NUTS.

    Glad you had a fabulous mothers day :) I'll need a full recap, of course.

  2. Zucchini pasta is delish! Worth the effort!