Monday, May 7, 2012

Top 10!

1. So I'm a little behind on my Top 10s.

2. We had a crazy busy weekend. We had a last minute garage sale on Saturday. It wasn't a huge success, but we did make some money. That makes getting up early and sitting in my garage all day ALMOST worth it.

3. I had a Lia Sophia party yesterday! I had such a good time playing with jewelry with my girlfriends. We enjoyed Cinco De Mayo treats and drinks. I am working on my very long list of free jewelry I will be getting from Lia Sophia. Talk about good hostess benefits!

4. Hayes has turned into a crazy boy. He throws everything and is constantly testing our limits...unless he is taking his ridiculously long naps. Yep. He still sleep through supper sometimes. At least I have that.

5. I am ready for a fun Mother's Day weekend. It's hard to believe that last year was my first with Hayes. I'm sure he picked out his own Mother's Day card this year...

6. Hayes is ready for a new pair of shoes...actually we need a few pairs. Now that he plays outside so much, his shoes are so stinky and dirty every day. His TOMS have held up really well so far, so I am getting another pair of those. Any other shoe suggestions for a small child?

7. Part 1 of guest bedroom makeover is done....I sold the old bedding set in the garage sale! That means I HAVE to get new bedding...might as well get a new paint color to go with it;)

8. Because we like to keep life interesting, we had our new range delivered Saturday, in the middle of garage sale madness. I love it so much! I am really enjoying cooking on a flat top.

9. I made a delicious Sopapilla Cheesecake for the Lia Sophia party. It was easy and had my sister-in-law's two favorite ingredients...crescent rolls and cream cheese. I'll get the recipe up later this week!

10. Pray for military families. The sacrifice that families make for their loved ones in the military is huge and something we should appreciate.

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