Monday, July 2, 2012

Dairy Free?

So, in keeping with my food post promise, here is a food update.

Sunday's meal wasn't our finest. But, it was quick and easy. My mom and I recently went to Ikea and we ate the famous Swedish meatballs for lunch. You can actually purchase frozen Ikea meatballs and the special sauce mix there at Ikea. I decided to get my own meatballs at Kroger, but I did buy some packets of sauce mix. So, Sunday's meal...meatballs with Ikea sauce, boiled red potatoes with olive oil, and green beans.

Tonight, we had baked fish, baked potatoes, and broccoli. Funny story about our potatoes. We haven't been eating many of these, but when we do, we use butter or sour cream or maybe even Ranch dressing to dress them up. Cheese is also usually a part of our baked potato party. Well...we lost our power on Friday. I wasn't sure how long it was really out and I didn't want to take chances on getting sick, so I threw out a lot of stuff in our fridge. Among that "stuff" was sour cream, butter, cheese, and ranch dressing. Did I buy more at the store? No. Of course not. We have been trying to cut back on that stuff anyway. So our potatoes tonight...were dairy free. I ended up drizzling a little olive oil over the potatoes and we used McCormick's Montreal Steak seasonging to jazz them up. They actually weren't too bad. The sodium level probably wasn't awesome, but we did survive eating baked potatoes without any dairy. That is kinda a big deal for me, by the way.

The daycare Hayes goes to is without power...still. So today, Mommy and Hayes hung out. It was lots of fun. Hayes is pretty hilarious. The part of the day that was not baby check-up. I am 17 weeks now and everything looked good at the appointment. The heartbeat sounded beautiful at 154 bpm. We were at the office for about an hour total. Hayes was an angel for about 40 minutes of that hour. The other 20 minutes were not fun for anyone. I suppose these are the kinds of things that happen when you don't live near family... Oh well. We survived and everyone at the office went on and on about how adorable Hayes is, of course;)

A quick update on my co-worker's situation. I posted in my top 10 that she had lost 2 of her children in an accident and her third was in ICU. Brandon, her child in ICU, has been making improvements! He has had two successful surgeries and is now off the vent. They are anticipating a move out of ICU soon! Keep the prayers going for Brandon as he continues to recover and for Sheila as she mourns the loss of her other children.

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  1. Hopefully the daycare has power by now but if not, this is my last week of maternity leave & then I'm down to having Tues/Thurs off if you ever need anything! Baby checkup with toddlers can be TORTURE lol!

    Ps...Dairy free ain't bad. You get use to it :)