Sunday, October 28, 2012

Top 10!

1. We had a busy weekend of family fun in Delphos. Looks like this might be our last weekend trip before McBaby comes...

2. Hayes did not do a great job of sleeping this weekend. I guess when those bad sleep nights are so rare, you can't complain too much. But....seriously, Hayes?

3. Hayes' favorite family member on the McCormick side might be Charlie. By the way, Charlie is a sweet dog. I hope his other family members aren't offended...

4. I've been asked several times recently if I've been having cravings. I don't think I am...but then I went grocery shopping alone today. And I came home with chocolate chip cookies and cookie crisp. So, maybe...just maybe...I'm craving cookies today?

5. The Irish had an amazing game against Oklahoma this weekend. Go Irish!!!

6. Congrats to Ryan's cousin, Emily and her family! They added two perfect additions this week and we are so excited for them!

7. Have I mentioned that my sister-in-law is also pregnant? It's true. Funny part, our due dates are the same day! Also, both genders are a surprise! It will be an exciting holiday season for our family:)

8. My 10 year high school reunion was this weekend. We did not make the long trip to Louisiana...14 hours in a car does not mix with week 34 of pregnancy. It's crazy that it's actually been 10 years since graduation. Ugh I feel old.

9. What makes a good leader? Just a question I've been asking myself lately. It's starting to feel like good leaders are getting harder to come by these days...

10. Pray for everyone who will be affected by Hurricane Sandy!

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  1. Yes ugh, ten years....could not possibly be.... I hate I missed it, too!

    Hayes in his costume is precious!! His cheeks make me melt!