Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week 35...

Is it time to have my baby yet?

I didn't feel like making Ryan re-take the same bump shot 27 times because the angle was you get a cell phone shot for this week's bump update.

Well, let's see...week 35 highlights...

My ankles are still looking good. After a long day at work, there might be a little swelling, but it leaves quickly. I know I've mentioned the swelling I had with Hayes before. It started at week 25 and kinda hung around for the rest of the pregnancy. I am thrilled that I haven't had the same problem this time. When I was in the hospital to have Hayes, a nurse referred to my toes as "sausages." I would like to avoid that comment again...

Random aches, pains, and general discomfort have set in. I hate our couch because it is impossible to get out of and impossible to get comfortable on. But, in the couch's defense, the same can be said for pretty much any place right now.

I have started waddling. Like a duck. Straight up waddling. And I can't stop it.

My hair is looking pretty thick and luscious these days. Not all pregnancy side effects are negative;)

I've been having some contractions this weekend. It's nothing consistent or super painful, but they are definitely happening. I imagine they started happening this early with Hayes too and I just didn't realize it at the time.

Cookie craving still going strong. At the store today, I picked up another bag of Cookie Crisp and double stuffed oreos.

Random melt downs made worse by hormones continue. Lucky Ryan.

The nesting came out in full force this weekend. I finished up our pre-registration paperwork for the hospital, wrapped all of the Christmas presents we have so far, pulled out all of Hayes's 0-3 month gender neutral clothes, washed them, and put them away, picked up a few more baby necessities and Hayes's stocking stuffers, and re-organized things in the baby's room about 7 times.

When my sweet residents in the dementia unit ask when I'm due, I've started saying "tomorrow!" They don't remember the next day and I avoid comments that imply I am way bigger than I should be.

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