Sunday, November 4, 2012

Top 10!

1. This weekend was not long enough.

2. 35 weeks pregnant = difficult to get comfortable.

3. Cookie crisp obsession is still going strong.

4. I made a delicious crock pot soup looking for the recipe later!

5. My partner in crime, Terra, spoke at a conference this weekend about our dementia programming. I am sad I couldn't be there, but I know Terra represented our community and our passion better than anyone else could have. My hope is that this conference is the beginning of something bigger for both of us and our desire to spread this information to the masses.

6. Is the election over yet? I am getting tired of the political ads taking over our lives. It's a shame that all this money being used to campaign can't be used for something better, like oh I don't know, our national deficit, red cross relief fund, our national deficit...

7. I saw a picture floating around facebook this past week. It was of a lawn chair blown over. The caption said "Hurricane Sandy, we will never forget." My tacky, people. Lives were lost in this storm. Homes were destroyed. The devastation may not have hit where most hurricanes do, but that doesn't mean this wasn't a terrible storm. It amazes me how class-less people can be.

8. Hayes is such a sweet boy. He is so sweet, that he slept in Saturday and Sunday morning. The sweetness ended not long after he woke up, of course. But it was sweet of him to let us get extra sleep.

9. Speaking of adorable things my child does...his latest trick is shaking your hand and saying "meet you." Short for "pleased to meet you," of course.

10. Pray for a special family member who has had a busy 2 weeks including 2 surgeries. Hopefully, she is finally on the mend!

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