Sunday, January 13, 2013

Organize my life!!!

New family organization system needed! I'm not sure if this is a resolution...or post-baby nesting. Regardless, I have had way too much fun organizing a binder to organize my life and home.

I've pinned a few organization printable links throughout the last year and I decided it was time to do something with them. I spent all day organizing my binder in between feedings and naps and I am super happy with my new system! I am going to share my home binder with you as well as links to the printables I used. I designed this based on what our family needs and my personal preferences.

Section 1: Monthly Finance Planner

I like to organize my finances by month on a full calendar. I like being able to see easily when paychecks are coming and bills are due all on one sheet. I used these printables for this section. Because I like pretty pens and because I do have some OCD tendencies sometimes, I color code information I put on my calendars. Bills are in blue, Ryan's paydays are in green, and mine are in pink. Once a bill has been paid, I cross it off. I use the pocket on the divider to keep our non-normal bills in (hospital bills, speech licensure bills, etc.) The rest of our statements get filed.

Section 2: Weekly Planner

In this section, I have a sheet for each week. I found this printable that I love! The sheet is divided into daily sections with extra spaces for food, activities, and a weekly to-do list. I really like this feature to keep up with dr appointments, play dates, etc. I am also using these sheets for weekly to-dos, like scheduling appointments, sending thank yous, etc. I also created an "on-going to do" list for this section. This list is for projects that we want to accomplish eventually, but aren't urgent (paint fireplace, buy new entertainment center, etc.).

Section 3: Cleaning

Don't laugh! But keeping up with your house can be tough with one kid. And then came #2. We stay on top of the obvious, but I feel like we could use reminders for the smaller things. I like the idea of staying on top of all cleaning on a weekly basis so that there is never a "oh my gosh I'm freaking out because we have friends coming over and the house is a mess" situation. Not that our friends would care if our house was super messy...we do have two small children, after all:) I didn't like the printables I found, so I created my own. I have a different list for each day of the week. There are a few chores that are on every day: dishes, toys, kitchen counters. I added 2 extra cleaning tasks for each day so that the cleaning is spread out throughout the week. I also added extra tasks for each weekend of the month to spread out the deep cleaning tasks, such as baseboards, vents, blinds, windows, fridge, etc.

Section 4: Menus

I plan a menu every week for our family to make grocery shopping easier. My plan for this section is to record several weeks of menus so that I can look back for easier menu planning in the future.

Section 5: Coupons

I get so many coupons each week from stores that we actually shop at often...and they always end up in a pile shoved somewhere in the kitchen. Now they are easy to find and out of the way!

Section 6: Special Dates

In this section, I have all family birthdays and anniversaries recorded. I can be pretty awful at remembering this makes it easier. I also printed the "what we did" monthly sheets from these printables for this section. This will make keeping up with the boys' milestones and fun family memories easier.

Section 7: Fitness

This binder was my workout I just kept all of my workouts in the back for easy referencing.

So, there you have it! My organization binder! I love it and am super excited about using it. I started this post about 2 weeks ago and have been using my binder lots in the last two weeks. Hope this post helps you if you have a goal of organizing this year too!

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