Sunday, January 6, 2013

Top 10...back again!

1. I decided that my maternity leave included taking a break from blogging. I decided that after I missed several weeks of Top 10s...

2. Now that my "blog maternity leave" has ended, I have several posts in the works...hopefully they will come out this week!

3. One of my posts is about my latest home organization notebook! Yep, I made one. And I loved every second of putting it together. I'm that girl.

4. When Hayes was brand new and tiny and nursing multiple times throughout the night, Netflix was my best friend. My new nursing best friend? My Kindle. I've read 18 new books since Keller was born. And I am so not ashamed of it.

5. I made Black-Eyed Pea dip tonight. It rocked my world. I will share the recipe later. And you will thank me. You're welcome in advance.

6. Seriously ready to lose the last of this baby weight and get this body back in shape. Guess I shouldn't make the Black-Eyed Pea dip anymore...

7. Is it strange that Ryan and I have already had a conversation about boy names if we have a third child and it's a boy? No? We didn't think so either...

8. Tomorrow is Day 1 of Hayes's transition to the 2 year old room. Why are my babies growing so fast?

9. For all friends who have had babies, are currently pregnant, or like a good laugh...go to the
 Pregnant Chicken. She is hilarious. Check out the "Best of" posts...and laugh your face off.

10. I have this friend. She's actually more than a friend. When I was at my lowest point in life, she was the one person who wasn't afraid to call me out and help me find myself again. Some of my most favorite memories and most entertaining stories involve her and adventures we had during our college years. She is my prayer request this week. I pray that she sees what an incredible person she is and that God's plan for her life is revealed sooner rather than later. And I wish I lived closer so we could sneak off to the TAC parking lot and finish off a king cake together;)

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