Sunday, July 20, 2014

Top 10!

1. Debbie's snowballs have always been a West Monroe favorite. They are seriously better than any other version of a snowcone/snowball I've ever had. Thank goodness they make sugar free versions for H&K.

btw, how much do you love that super cute Mr. P's pelican tee?

2. At our last visit to Debbie's, there were several groups of people who kept taking pictures of Debbie's. While we were sitting out front enjoying our treats.
At first I thought, "Hey! Maybe they are blog fans!" Actually, I didn't think that.
As it turns out, Debbie's was in an episode of Duck Dynasty. Makes sense since all of the members of the paparazzi were decked out in Duck Dynasty gear.

3. Note to self. Don't ask your husband to take pictures of you for your new blog profile. He may act like he's all into it, but he'll use it against you later. And he'll never tell you when your hair is messed up.

4. My super talented friend, Lisa, designed this tank and her super talented husband, Matt, printed it. I love having talented friends. Visit them at Blue Moon Screen Printing!

5. Who needs a burger bun? Just use tomatoes.

6. My sassy sister turned 26 this week. I didn't even know the chaos, happiness, anger, laughter, and tears that she would bring into my life then...and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

7. Why don't people crimp their hair anymore?

8. Ryan just ate homemade ice cream for the first time. There goes Robin, again. Changing lives and waistlines, one dish at a time.

9. Hayes asked if he could flush a quarter down the toilet. I'm not even going to try to understand that one.

10. When God blesses you, don't stop after thanking him. Use your blessings to bless others.

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