Monday, July 28, 2014

Top 10

1. Fresh fig preserves, brie cheese, really can't go wrong with this combo. Trust me.

2. The job situation for me has exploded. In a good way. No official news yet, but lots of exciting things are happening! 

3. We spent some quality time with this sweet doggie this week. Allie's humans were at the beach so we went to visit her each day. Hayes just loved bossing around "baby Allie." I'm pretty sure Allie loved it when I came alone...

4. Ryan and I have switched vehicles recently and the one I drive now doesn't have bluetooth. I am miserable without it. Yeah yeah. I know. First world problems.

5. I think I'm addicted to sweet tea. Actually, I know I am. Hayes might be addicted as well. He asked to have some with breakfast this week...

6. Hayes pretends to be a cat. Usually when he is asked to do something he doesn't want to do. For example:
"Hayes wash your hands."
"Um, I can't. Cats don't wash their hands."

7. #RFGoNaked Day was this past week. For every make-up free selfie posted, Rodan & Fields donated a dollar to buildOn, a foundation that builds schools for kids in need. I love that R&F gives back to the community. They were able to donate $30,000!! And I love that their products make women everywhere feel confident going make-up free! 

8. My mom has turned into a quilting machine. Either she's going to open up a quilt shop soon, or she's planning on not using the heater this winter.

9. Is it weird that I'm already thinking about party themes for Keller's second birthday? 
Bulldozers keep popping into my mind. Because Keller is one. 

10. Pray for healing and good news for everyone waiting for healing and good news.

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